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Show your stateside pride with this sweet pendant necklace.


The  Crystalline formations are stunning and intriguing and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.   The Pendant can be worn at 16" or  adjusts to 18" in Sterling Silver.

One Place in the world 
Bridewell Stone, named for its creator, Ray Bridewell, is grown in  BELLEVUE  KENTUCKY in small batches by melting earth elements at 2300 degrees F.   This molten mixture of earth elements is slowly cooled for up to three weeks to enhance crystallization. 

Ray has pursued only the most amazing formations, and possesses the eye for sighting and cutting incredible stones. 

 Amy's love of all things Bluegrass, from childhood visits to the Kentucky Horse Park to exhibiting as a Professional Artist at St James Art Fair, drove her to design The Kentucky Necklace.

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