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Bridewell Stone in Sterling Posts

Bridewell Stone in Sterling Posts

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Color and light illuminate exquisite crystalline formations, within a seemingly impossible glowing bubble of gem quartz.  

Each pair of Post earrings are hand crafted with: 

  • 10mm Bridewell Stones, grown side by side for best match, created and cut by hand in our Bellevue, Kentucky, Studio.
  • .925 Sterling Silver ear posts.
  • Oversized acrylic clutch backs.

Bridewell Stone is created by mixing natural Earth Elements to over 2450F.  Volcanic temperatures liquify the molten matrix of elements and cause crystalline formations to bloom in our man made magma.  Our special mixture of elements are slowly cooled, in custom kilns, creating an environment able to foster the full expression of this crystallographic activity.  Every stone has a unique growth pattern, one of a kind and frozen in time.

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